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The power of human stories

inspire people.People give to people.

As an agent of social change, you measure your impact through the people you serve. Their stories define and sustain your brand. COLECTIVO is dedicated to amplifying the voices of people through the stories they tell. 

Embracing authenticity, we show the essence of your brand and its transformative power through compelling narratives.

Story Banks

Diverse voices connect powerfully with a wide range of audiences.

DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY generates empathy and awareness.
STORIES elevate diverse perspectives and chronicle human impact.
SHORT-FORM VIDEOS are dynamic, compelling,  and user-friendly across platforms. 
SOCIAL IMPACT FILMS expand your reach and inspire cultural reflection and shared responsibility.

Story banks are curated and modular

Born out of brand strategy and research, story banks are the rich source for all of the media we create. Foundational and extensible, they are the future of your story.

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Documentary photography & video

We create outstanding visuals that wow people. We never use models.

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We capture stories from all of your stakeholders

From the people you serve to the people who serve them. Combining oral history with documentary photography and video, we curate a rich trove of content that can be used throughout the year across diverse media—from websites to social media to brand-awareness campaigns to impact reports and grant applications.

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Awareness Campaigns
Impact Reports
Long & Short-Form Video
Social Media

Ethical storytelling

At COLECTIVO, we are dedicated to elevating the perspectives of the people you serve. We highlight stories of resilience, growth, and progress through ethical storytelling. Our mission is amplifying these narratives, lifting hope, fostering positive change, and showcasing our shared humanity.

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Ensuring equity through accessible design

Breaking barriers for inclusive access.

Your communication holds the power to define who can access your services. At our core, we are committed to removing barriers so everyone can fully engage with and benefit from your offerings. We prioritize accessible and user-centric design standards, including:

  • Inclusive language at the appropriate grade level

  • Diverse visual representation

  • A range of perspectives

  • Attention to color contrast and readability

  • Clear and intuitive navigation

By incorporating these accessible design standards, we empower you to create an inclusive environment where all individuals can access and interact with your services effectively.

Together, let's break down barriers and foster equitable experiences.

Your all-inclusive partner

From start to finish, we are your dedicated full-service agency. If you need it, we will provide it and go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. You can trust that all your requirements will be handled, leaving you free to focus on what matters most—achieving your social impact goals.

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