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Survivor Activist I Human Trafficking Legal Center
Impact on Justice

The Human Trafficking Legal Center

The Human Trafficking Legal Center (HTLC) plays a unique national role in the fight for justice for survivors of human trafficking. This dedicated group of lawyers advocating strategies, conducting legal research, and bringing together high-powered experts sought help putting a human face on their work. HTLC hired Colectivo to:


  • Brand Strategy

  • Impact Report

  • Story Bank

  • Website

  • Develop a brand strategy
  • Curate the stories of survivors
  • Create their impact report
  • Design and launch a new website

Brand strategy has the power to tell a cohesive and human story.

Colectivo interviewed survivor activists, lawyers, trustees, staff, and funders to understand the perspective of stakeholders and center HTLC’s impact on individual lives.

An impact report is a powerful funding tool.

Rich with survivor quotes and documentary photography, HTLC’s impact report brings together the data and the humanity of their mission, creating a powerful strategic and fundraising tool.

A website provides a stage for the human stories of the lives they change.

Colectivo’s website for HTLC featured powerful, modular content like this video of survivor activist Jose, who has used it on his own platform for survivors. 

Resources for Survivors
Resources for Lawyers & Advocates
Resources for Donors

The website includes three minisites to provide distinct resources and value propositions for key stakeholders.

Colectivo listens deeply. And then, with creativity, meticulous attention to detail, and flair, the team reveals an organization’s fundamental values. Colectivo brings an organization’s heart into the light. They see into the core and make the invisible visible.

Martina Vandenberg,
Founder and President, The Human Trafficking Legal Center

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