An impact report
is a powerful fundraising tool.

Clients highly value COLECTIVO’S impact reports as a fundraising tool that contains the most strategic information in one place.

Your Impact


  • Align an organization’s impact with its value proposition
  • Emphasize the larger context and collective impact
  • Environmentally friendly - Digital format reduces paper waste and promotes climate consciousness.

HEALTHPATH—Measuring Our Impact

Humanize Your Data: Making Insights Relatable

COLECTIVO'S approach combines powerful data visualization and captivating photography to humanize data and reveal hidden insights. We showcase individual narratives within a broader context, amplifying the impact of HealthPATH's initiatives, which are driven by the collective experiences of hundreds of people. This compelling combination makes data more relatable and effective.


Contextualizing Transformation: Magnify Your Broader Social Change

HTLC's Impact Report goes beyond storytelling, delivering exceptional value to donors, policymakers, and partners. COLECTIVO'S meticulous approach crafts a compelling Survivor Leader persona and journey map, highlighting their unique experiences, challenges, and broader societal impact.

TOGETHER FOR HEALTH—Impact on Public Health

Magnifying Your Value: The Significance and Scope of Your Impact

Explore COLECTIVO'S compelling value proposition to showcase TogetHER’s unique value and approach. Through our at-a-glance visualization, we provide multiple on-ramps for critical stakeholders, including funders.

On the Horizon—Impact on Art and Environment

Expand Reach and Impact: Community Engagement

Experience On the Horizon's impact report, capturing an artist's profound response to climate change. The report offers a comprehensive campaign overview, compelling visuals, captivating storytelling, and campaign highlights.

Bring your impact story to life.